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Cornhole by Tarmann teamed up with Fifth Ward Brewing (Oshkosh, WI) to produce some bags unique to their brewery. 

These bags can be purchased at their brewery. If you'd like a set of these and you're not from Oshkosh, shoot us an email at chris@cornholebytarmann.com and we will get you information on how to make a purchase. 


These bags are made with soft canvas and are weather-resistant. Price $50 per set of 4. 

Hero bags are hand sewn 6" weather-resistant bags designed by us and printed to fabric by our suppliers. 

Syncorn is a larger resin bead and has a closer feel to that of corn filling. 
If it's not listed as Syncorn then it's our special blend of resin pellets that fill the bags (a smaller resin bead blend (35% barrel cut resin and 65% flat cut resin). 

"Weather Resistant Bags" are supplied by our vendor. These bags are made with 12oz canvas and are filled with a poly resin that has a similar feel to most bags you'd buy on the market. These are made in the US and are exceptional quality.