If you're looking for a set of cornhole boards to help raise funds during an event we might be able help. We donate a set or two each month. The number of sets donated throughout the year largely depends on available time, pending orders and the mission of the organization requesting boards. 

To request a set of boards, please complete the following form. All requests are vetted based on the date & location of your event. If we don't reply, we've been too busy to take a look and we've likely fulfilled our donations for the month. 

Free Boards - To be considered for free boards your submission must be submitted at least 90 days before your event. Free boards are donated based on the mission of the organization requesting boards, the location of impact (donations market my products so the closer they are to my typical customer the better but, I've sent boards all over the US and almost to Guam), the purpose of the event and the percentage of sales per month. Free boards do not come with bags. Bags can be purchased through my website. All free boards require a signed donation receipt at delivery.

Discount Boards - To be considered for discount boards your submission must be submitted 60 days before your event. Discount boards are donated based on available time, mission of organization, number of free boards donated or committed and the number of for profit orders pending.


Dollar Value Vouchers - If I don't have time to produce your request but I really like what you're trying to accomplish I may offer you a dollar value voucher towar da custom set of boards ranging from $100-$250. 

If your request is approved you will be responsible for picking up the set of boards in Neenah, WI (unless we work something else out like shipping or delivery). 

Your message was received. You'll hear from us soon!